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There are two types of Arrays, that can easily be confused with each other. For the first part, there are Arrays like we know them from JavaScript - second, there are Arrays as they appear in C, with one huge difference: The Arrays in C are fixed in size. In AssemblyScript, these fixed Arrays are called static Arrays.

JS-like Arrays

First, let's cover the "normal" arrays.

Creating Arrays

There are two ways for creating arrays.

let numbers: i32[]
numbers = [1, 2, 3]


let numbers = new Array<i32>(3)

numbers[0] = 1
numbers[1] = 2
numbers[2] = 3

Using Arrays in JavaScript

After importing the array from the file:


Static Arrays

Returning an Array

export function returnArr(num: i32): i32[] {
const arr = new Array<i32>(3)
arr[0] = num
arr[1] = num
arr[2] = num
return arr